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Commands in team channels


/conclude <conclusion>
Creates a new <conclusion> in the current channel.


/propose <proposal>
Creates a new temporary channel where you can discuss the >proposal<. Any users that are @mentioned will be automatically invited to the channel. To engage everyone in the channel, use @channel and everyone will be invited.
When proposing from a private channel, all members in that channel will be auto-invited to the temporary channel.


Creates a new temporary channel where you can discuss the proposal uninterrupted.

Commands inside proposals (temporary channel)


/conclude <conclusion>
Turns the proposal into a conclusion and archives the temporary channel. The conclusion is posted in the original channel.
<conclusion> is optional so if you just type /conclude the proposal will be the conclusion.


Turns the proposal into a conclusion.

Edit proposal

/propose <proposal>
Update the proposal with the new <proposal>.

Set a deadline

/deadline <in 3 hours>
Sets a deadline for the proposal. Other examples of valid arguments are:
  • tomorrow morning
  • friday at 15:00
  • 8/24/2016

View deadline

Displays the current deadline for the proposal.

Clear the deadline

/deadline clear
Removes the deadline for the proposal.

Invite stakeholders

/invite @user
This is a builtin Slack command that can be used to invite @user to the proposal.

Additional Commands


/conclude help
Shows the available commands. The result is only visible to the user who typed the command.


/conclude welcome
Sends a message to @here introducing the Concludebot in the current channel.


/conclude feedback <feedback>
Sends the given <feedback> to the Conclude team.

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